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3 Culprits of Summertime Water Damage

3 Culprits of Summertime Water Damage

Here are three common causes of summertime water damage to keep in mind as we head into the next season!

Summertime: the time of year everyone associates with relaxing and trying to keep cool. Water damage doesn’t discriminate, and it can strike any time of year. Like winter and spring, summer brings its own set of summertime water damage concerns. It’ll be trying to truly kick back and enjoy this time of year with the threat of summertime water damage looming in the back of our minds. Fortunately, knowing what to look out for and how to prepare for these home damage culprits can ease those worries. Here are three common causes of summertime water damage to keep in mind as we head into the next season!

Summer Storms

If you thought springtime showers were the only cause of weather-related water damage, then think again. Severe summer storms can cause several inches of rainfall throughout the season as well. The last thing we want is for homeowners to enjoy an afternoon indoors, staying dry from a storm, only to find water making its way into their homes. The best ways to prevent storm-inflicted summertime water damage are similar to courses of action taken during the other wet seasons. Make sure your gutters are cleared and can adequately direct water away from your home. Also, inspect your roof for missing or damaged shingles that can cause a leak.

Air Conditioner Moisture

Maryland summers get super hot, and residents all across the state rely on their AC units to keep their homes cool and comfortable. Even correctly functioning AC units will produce condensation from time to time. However, a malfunctioning air conditioner can create too much moisture or not be able to catch all the condensate. As a result, the collected moisture can drip or seep into parts of your home. Repairing or replacing an air conditioning system is expensive, so it’s best to have your existing units taken care of under a regular maintenance service.

Unattended Homes

Summer is the time for vacationing and traveling (at least, we hope to do so safely in 2020). Unattended homes that develop summertime water damage due to individual or neighborhood plumbing failures are a big concern for homeowners who want to get away. If no one minds the home in their absence, they may return to a heavily water-damaged home. Thus, many homeowners opt to shut off the main water supply to their homes while away. Some who don’t turn off the main supply because they expect a friend to drop in (i.e., to water plants or get the mail) while they’re away will choose to selectively shut off the water supply to specific appliances, such as the washing machine or the toilets.

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