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3 Emergency Restoration Services to Protect Your Home

Emergency Restoration

In the wake of a disaster, you may need to invest in emergency restoration services to repair damages.

There’s a reason it’s called an emergency. You must take immediate action to fix unexpected and dangerous disasters to your home or risk further damage. When disaster strikes, our priority should be everyone’s safety. Then, you can begin the steps to protect your home — and do it soon!

The steps taken to clean up your house after significant destruction is crucial to preventing more severe and costly damage. Find a local and reliable contractor that can respond with 24/7 home emergency service, like Smith & Son’s Contracting Company, Inc. Should these type of emergencies happen at your home, call them immediately for their professional help.

Do not hesitate on these three emergency restoration services.

Water Damage Restoration

You should not ignore any sort of water damage, whether from a burst pipe to basement flooding. Within hours and even minutes, the cost gets worse. The furniture, walls, and flooring absorbs moisture and eventually grows mold if left unchecked. Metal will rust, and wood will warp. To protect the structural safety of your home, and prevent hazardous mold growth, get emergency water damage service right away.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Any fire-related situation occurring in your home can be scary. Aside from the fire itself, the smoke and remaining residue make a home unsafe even after the fire is out. Some initial things you can do is set up a temporary living situation away from the damage until finished restoration. Try to get some airflow through the house to clear lingering smoke. Above all, call a professional for emergency fire and smoke damage restoration.

Mold Remediation Cleanup

You might think it’s easy to spot mold if it pops up in your home, but there’s plenty of places mold can grow even in a clean house. Checking under the carpet or behind walls could reveal mold that’s threatening to your family’s health and your home structure. Proper mold removal and remediation entail air filtration to remove mold spores, eliminating mold growth, thorough cleaning, and removing lingering musty or moldy odors. You might even need to replace things like drywall or carpet to restore the damages fully, so call for mold removal and remediation as soon as you see or smell mold.

Flood Cleanup Restoration from Smith & Son’s Contracting

If you are ready for expert flood cleanup restoration services at any time of day, Smith & Son’s Contracting has the expertise, quality, and experience in the restoration and insurance industries you need. We don’t settle for less, and you shouldn’t either. For an exceptional job at an honest price throughout Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Pasadena, Ellicott City, Severna Park, and Columbia areas, give us a call today at (410) 360-5252 or 1-410-245-5954 for 24/7 home improvement and home remodeling services. You can also keep up with us on Facebook, and check out our blog

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