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3 Must-Know Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Check out these three must-know bathroom remodeling tips.

Check out these three must-know bathroom remodeling tips.

Your bathroom should be a reflection of your personal style while delivering the comfort and peace you need. It should also have all of the fixtures and amenities that provide function and value to your home. If it’s time to upgrade your bathroom with a new design, be sure to check out these important bathroom remodeling tips!

The Floor Plan

Just like any other room in your home, it’s essential to have a bathroom floor planning before starting the remodeling process. Before deciding to move any appliances and plumbing fixtures, know that it’s highly advisable to keep all new fixtures close to the bathroom’s existing plumbing to save money. However, if your bathroom has outdated wiring or plumbing, there is a good chance that the contractor will suggest removing the old pipes and wires. This allows you to install new ones in different locations, so you can change the floor plan to however you see fit, depending on your budget.


Bathroom lighting is extremely important, especially if you find yourself getting ready for the day at the bathroom vanity. Well-designed vanity lighting will help to eliminate shadows on the face, making it much easier to apply makeup and style your hair. A combination of LED recessed lights with wall sconces over the mirror is a great combination, as you can install dimmer switches to change the lighting to your preference.


Don’t forget about bathroom ventilation during your remodel! This is a crucial step, since taking hot showers in a room with no ventilation can quickly result in mold and mildew. This is not only unsanitary and possibly dangerous for your health, but it can also ruin other expensive upgrades of your remodel, such as flooring, walls, and wood cabinets.

A top-quality fan is a great investment to ensure optimum indoor air quality, although the placement is important. You typically don’t want to place a fan over the shower, as the steam of the vapor coming from the ductwork would not circulate the air well. Another tip is to find a fan timer that comes with a one-hour setting and install motion sensors, so you never have to think about turning the fan on manually.

Bathroom Remodels from Smith & Son’s

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