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4 Signs Your Home Needs Exterior Remodeling

4 Signs Your Home Needs Exterior Remodeling smith & son's contracting

The condition of your home’s exterior can indicate when it needs to be repaired.

The exterior of your home is the first thing people notice, and it helps them form their first impression of you. The condition of your home’s exterior can also indicate when it needs to be repaired. As time goes by, signs appear all over your home that suggest that a remodel may be necessary. By carefully keeping track of these signs, you can determine when is the right time to remodel your house without the risk of overspending or letting an issue worsen. Here are some signs that your home needs exterior remodeling.

Drafty Windows and Doors

If you notice your windows and doors are letting cold air in, it may benefit you to get new ones. Not only is valuable heat escaping from your home and forcing you to pay more in utilities than expected, but you are also putting your home at risk for moisture damage and mold. Replacing doors and windows is an easy way to update the exterior of your home without committing to an entire remodeling project.

Curling or Peeling Shingles

When shingles have reached the end of their lifespan, they start to curl, peel and even come away from the roof. If you notice this happening to your home, then it is time for a replacement. Waiting too long for a roof replacement could cause more serious problems. Additionally, any moisture or water that gets in could cause more extensive and costly damage.

Damaged Gutters

Your gutters are crucial in the functioning of your home’s drainage system. They direct water away from your foundation, preventing water damage and mold buildup. If your gutters are coming apart from your home or your downspouts are damaged, that means the water from snow and rain will not be able to run away from your home. It is important to get your gutters repaired quickly to prevent any further damage to your home.

Your Home Looks Dated

Look around at the other houses in your neighborhood. Does your home seem outdated in comparison? If yes, then it may be time for an exterior remodel. Keeping your home looking up to date not only increases your curb appeal and resale value but will also increase your personal enjoyment of your home. A simple update of the siding or trim can be enough to make your home look like new.

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