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4 Tips For Adding Space To An Older House

Check out these tips for adding space to an older home.

Check out these tips for adding space to an older home.

A home addition is a great way to add more square footage and livable space, but an extension should always look seamless. If you own an older home, it can be a little more difficult to make an addition look as though it belongs. However, additions don’t have to be overpowering and can be done in a tasteful way that matches your homes unique character and style. Continue reading for a few things to consider when adding space to an older home.

Back Of The Building

If possible, consider keeping the addition in the background so that the front of your home retains its original visual appeal. Placement is very important when planning an addition, and in historic homes, it’s best to maintain the character of the building as much as possible. Most additions take place in the back of the home anyway, whether it is a new porch, extended kitchen, or another bedroom.


Proportions are very important aspects of older homes, so whether it is the length of a porch or the placement of windows, try to copy the original dimensions of your home. The materials used to build the addition may be different, but sticking to similar proportions will allow the building to keep its historic character, and the addition won’t look out of place.

Size And Scale

A successful addition to an old house must keep the size and scale smaller, rather than adding a huge room that overpowers the entire house. While you may want to add as much square footage as possible, don’t forget to visualize how the addition will look from the exterior. Remember to allow the original structure of your home to remain the main focal point.

Original Details

A new addition to an older home requires some research, as you don’t want to damage the original materials and details. Take note of existing materials, measurements of the floor plan, vertical heights, and components of the house including windows, doors, and cladding. Your designer and contractor should work with you to replicate details from the original home into the new addition to ensure the entire building looks seamless.

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