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Be Aware of These Holiday and Winter Time Home Fire Hazards


Be Aware of These Holiday and Winter Time Home Fire Hazards

The holiday and winter season is full of festivities and fun — but also plenty of flames and home fire hazards.

Accidental fires are devastating disasters at any time of year but can be especially heartbreaking around the holidays. Not only do house fires pose an immediate threat to you and your family’s safety, but a damaged residence can also leave a family without a home during a cold and what is supposed to be a cheerful time of year. The holiday season and winter time present plenty of opportunities for home fire hazards to take place. While this doesn’t mean you should not partake in these activities, you should undoubtedly be aware of how quickly a house fire can start and spread if you don’t exercise the right amount of caution. Here are some common home fire hazards to keep in mind as we proceed into the holidays and fast approaching winter season.

Fireplaces and Candle Flames

Always exercise extra caution around open flames. The chilly winter season is an enticing time to break out the wood logs and festive scented candles. Never leave the fire unattended. Keep them away from loose clothing, drapes, blankets, even hair. Be extra aware of the fire source if your home has curious children and pets.

Dry Christmas Tree

For those that celebrate Christmas and love using a live tree every year, be sure to water the Christmas tree regularly. A tree can dry out quickly in the dry and warm climate of the indoors. The evergreen tree can quickly turn into fire fuel and a home fire hazard if left unchecked. The National Fire Protection Association even claims a dry tree can burn faster than newspapers.

New Year’s Fireworks

Some families will want to ring in the New Year with a home fireworks show. Firstly, be sure to check your local laws to see if you’re permitted to set off fireworks at home. Then, if you are allowed to use fireworks, follow the proper precautions. Light fireworks on stable, non-flammable ground. If it’s too windy, it may blow the flames and sparks into nearby houses or trees. Keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water at hand in case anything goes awry.

Space Heaters

Inspecting your heated appliances and electrical sockets should be a routine part of your fall home inspection. Broken or old appliances need to be replaced. Only plug your space heaters into the wall socket, as some extension cords or old surge protectors may create a spark. Follow the appliance’s safety guide and manuals to avoid overheating and any resulting home fire hazards.

Turkey Fryer Mishaps

The kitchen is likely where any cooking and fire mishap will start and spread. However, even taking your culinary endeavors outside to a grill or turkey fryer can cause accidental explosions and fires. If you plan on frying a turkey for your holiday feasts, be sure to use the right amount of oil and to defrost the bird entirely before frying. Again, follow the safety and user manuals, or you may end up needing fire and smoke damage restoration services down the line.

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