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Be Aware Of The Worst Effects Of Water Damage

Learn about the worst effects of water damage for a home.

Learn about the worst effects of water damage for a home.

When a flood hits a town, homes may be affected very differently. Some houses only receive minor damage, such as water seeping into the basement, while other houses experience the worst effects of water damage. It’s important to know how much damage a flood can do to your home, and what to look out for if you ever experience water damage.

Mold Growth

One of the most common effects of water damage is rampant mold growth spread throughout the home. Mold starts growing just 24 to 48 hours after a flood and can affect the structure of your house as well as items within the home. In addition to damaging personal items, floors, and drywall, mold can be toxic to your health. If you experience any type of water damage, you must act as quickly as possible to clear out any signs of mold, as it can cause health problems for your family, and in some cases could cause the structure to be condemned.

Water Contamination

Three categories of water could flood your home, including clean water from sanitary sources, grey water from appliances that could cause illness for those who ingest it, and black water from unsanitary sources (may contain human or animal water,) that could cause severe illness for those who ingest it. All flood water from lakes and rivers is in the category of black water and should be treated as quickly as safely as possible.

Unfortunately, black water contamination is very difficult for a home to recover from, and it’s likely to lose all furnishings. You may also need to replace a lot of the home’s structural components. Since black water can cause extreme illness, everyone helping with the remediation should get vaccinations and be prepared for the health risks.

Wires And Appliances

Even if your home is affected by a small basement flood, you should always turn off all electrical and gas services to avoid shocks or gas leaks. Wiring and gas lines could be damaged in a flood, which could leave you without utilities for a while, as this means your home needs rewiring and new gas lines. The basement holds a lot of appliances, and unfortunately, a flood of just a few inches can ruin appliances beyond repair. While we hope these situations don’t happen to you, it’s best to know the severity of a flood and how much damage water can have on your home.

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