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Bathroom Remodel Tips for Water and Mold Resistance

Bathroom Remodel Tips for Water and Mold Resistance

These bathroom remodel tips help you think of ways to prevent water damage and mold issues. Check out these ideas for your next project!

Taking some steps during and after your bathroom remodel to prevent water damage and mold build-up is a great idea. Even if you aren’t pursuing a full bathroom remodel at this time, these practical projects and tips can prevent a potential home disaster later on. If you find yourself with a need for restoration or remodeling services for your home bathrooms, please contact the skilled contractors at Smith & Son’s Contracting Company!

Flood Test Your Shower

If you installed new shower plumbing or tiling, it’s critical to flood test this area. This can help you identify any leaks in the pipes or tile installation. Local codes dictate how flood tests get carried out. Essentially, you’ll need to fill your shower to a designated height with water from a source that is not from the shower pipes. Then, make a note of the water level and leave for a few hours. Upon return, assess whether there has been any water loss or signs of leakage. It’s best to catch and repair waterproofing issues sooner than later.

Check the Toilet Trap

If you purchase and install a new toilet, make sure that the trap is fully glazed too. The trap is the S-shaped tube within the toilet, where the water flushes towards. Uneven textures of an unglazed trap can accumulate bits of toilet tissue over time, which can lead to a toilet clog and potential toilet water back up. Generally, older or very inexpensive toilets have unglazed traps, so be aware of this small difference.

Choose Water-Resistant Flooring

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are superb waterproof flooring choices for your bathroom remodel. Just be sure the tiles are professionally installed and sealed correctly for peace of mind. Consider even lining the lower walls of your bathroom with tiles to waterproof this area if water should accumulate. For a lower cost yet still effective alternative, consider waterproof vinyl sheet flooring.

Raise Electrical and HVAC Systems

In the event your bathroom does experience minor flooding, you can make this change to prevent these critical home systems from getting damaged and needing a costly replacement. Install or raise your electrical components, like meters, switches, and outlets higher away from the ground. Do the same with your bathroom vents that lead to your home’s central HVAC system.

Shower Screen

Mold and mildew are less likely to grow on a shower screen than a shower curtain. It’s easier to clean a shower curtain more regularly than a curtain, and it dries out better. Consistently wet surfaces let mold and mildew thrive. Plus, installing a shower screen can add modern elegance and style to any bathroom remodel.


Ventilating the excess moisture in the bathroom following a hot shower or bath helps reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew growth. You can install a capable exhaust fan or add a window to your bathroom to help air out the room.

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