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Benefits of Board Up Services for Abandoned Properties

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You’d be surprised at how many hazards abandoned properties can have hidden inside.

Does your plot of land include an abandoned property? Many people, especially those in more rural areas, may have an old farmhouse, shed, or barn on their property. Perhaps the property was replaced by a newer home or barn, was damaged beyond repair by weather, or is just no longer used. Sometimes these properties sit decaying for years, which is not only unsightly but also can let in some unwanted inhabitants. Regardless of whether or not demolition is planned, it’s always a good idea to contact board-up services for help. Why are board-up services important even for abandoned properties? Learn more about the many benefits of the board-up services here.

Preventing Further Decay

Even though the property is abandoned or awaiting demolition, the longer you go without board-up services, the faster it will decay, leading to plenty of consequences. The further a building decays, the more likely it is to collapse, which is a huge safety hazard for anyone near the surrounding properties. Plus, it will make the eventual demolition process much more complicated in the future.  Boarding up is the covering of all openings to the home, including windows, doors, and even chimneys, if applicable. That way, animal, water, and wind damage are drastically reduced.

Preventing Future Health Issues and Liability

Many older homes or buildings were made out of unsafe materials such as asbestos, a known carcinogen, or lead paint. When not boarded up, these toxic materials can be released into the surrounding air, unbeknownst to surrounding people and animals and can cause health issues. Using boarding-up services to cover all airways to the best of your ability is the best way to prevent these harmful chemicals from being released into the environment until they are either professionally removed or demolished.

Preventing Squatters and Unwanted Guests

The last thing to worry about is uninvited guests that may be hanging out in your abandoned properties. Of course, animal activity is a concern, as abandoned or decaying houses are a virtual paradise for rodents, insects, and other disease-spreading critters. But there is also the concern about human residents or visitors that can be dangerous. Squatters may find refuge there and bring some dangerous items with them, and vandals just love to destroy everything they see if they can. This can attract an unwelcome crowd of people on or near your property. With proper board-up services treatment, animals and humans alike will have much more issues getting inside of the property and will likely stay away. 

Board Up Services From Smith & Son’s

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