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Best Ideas From your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Best Ideas From your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Talking to your bathroom remodeling contractor can give you some good ideas to improve your home with.

As many homeowners would agree, one of the biggest dilemmas when remodeling your bathroom is about what to change and what to change it to. A remodeled bathroom adds value to your home, updates the overall style, and can help suit your needs better. No matter what additions are planned, renovations are a great opportunity to improve many things. Talking to your bathroom remodeling contractor can give you some good ideas to improve your home with.

Hidden-Tank Toilets

There are certain toilets whose water storage tank is mounted inside the wall. This simple change to the normal toilet design can have several benefits. Firstly and most obviously, hidden-tank toilets can save space by removing the awkward floating rectangle that causes the toilet to protrude out from the wall. This extra space allows your bathroom remodeling contractor more wiggle room for designing other parts of the bathroom remodel. However, the main downside to this design is that maintenance is difficult since the tank and inner workings of the toilet are literally inside a wall. Other tank-less options exist such as toilets that use pressure valves. Though, this option is very reminiscent of an industrial style of buildings.

Textured Tile Flooring

Perhaps the most difficult choice when designing the new bathroom design is regarding the tile and flooring choices. There is usually an overwhelming number of choices in colors, feel, and design of individual tiles. Sometimes the most important thing to consider is safety. Textured tiles and grouting offer a bit more of a grip for your feet when walking around on wet tile. This can prevent slipping. Textured tiles still come in a variety of color, designs, and styles. 

Shower Window

The biggest enemy of clean showers and bathrooms is humidity, usually due to poor ventilation. Poor ventilation is the main reason why mold and mildew arise. While it might sound like a bad idea, windows connected to the shower or in the bathroom can greatly improve ventilation. Natural light from windows also adds a neat aesthetic. Consult your bathroom remodeling contractor for the design.

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