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Biohazard Cleanup is More Common than You’d Think

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Biohazard cleanup is not just limited to the police or behind the screen.

We’ve all seen biohazard cleanup in movies and on crime television shows. Usually, after someone meets an untimely demise at the hands of a perpetrator, the police will show up in hazmat suits as not to contaminate themselves with harmful materials or evidence while the detectives we admire so much ask, “Who could have done this and why?” The scenes look chaotic and are usually overdramatized. One might think that biohazard cleanup is something that only the police use on television shows. But in reality, biohazard cleanup is not just limited to fictional crime scenes. It could happen anywhere at any time. Here are some different ways that biohazard cleanup is used off the television screen to keep people safe. 

Mold Buildup

Biohazards are any health threat to someone that was once or is currently living. This includes bacteria like e.coli, viruses like COVID-19, and fungi or spores. Toxic mold is a type of spore, which means that it classifies as a biohazard. If toxic mold buildup becomes severe enough, it could cause the house or surrounding area to become infested. Toxic mold has been known to kill people, so depending on the severity, the hazmat suits might need to be used in the worst of the worst situations. Usually, these biohazard cleanup suits are worn to protect the cleanup crew from becoming accidentally affected by the toxic mold. Black mold can be horrible to your health when breathed in large quantities, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Severe Hoarder Homes

Hoarding is a psychological disorder where someone becomes emotionally attached to the physical items they own. Unfortunately, hoarding can become so extreme to the point where biohazard cleanup may actually become necessary. Some hoarders can even become attached to unsanitary trash or items that are meant to be disposed of, such as used pet litter or toilet paper. Some hoarding houses also unintentionally become biohazards; because so many items accumulate, it becomes impossible to clean all trash. This is when biohazard cleanup crews become necessary. If the house is salvageable, the biohazard cleanup crew will be able to clean out all biohazards to make sure the residents inside can live their lives with much fewer health risks. 

Animal Infestations

When an animal passes away, it becomes a biohazard. Decay is a natural process, but it is usually done outside in nature, where the effects are not as contained. If a home or property has a rodent infestation, for example, and one or more has died within the walls or infrastructure of the house, this creates a situation where biohazard cleanup may become necessary. The smell is not only unpleasant, but disease and other harmful particles may release into the air, which can cause humans to become sick.  

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