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Carpet Mold Remediation and Prevention Tips

Carpet Mold Remediation and Prevention Tips

Don’t let carpet mold turn into hundreds of dollars of home repairs and flooring replacement.

Homeowners love their plush and comfy carpet flooring. Beneath the carpet fibers, however, lurks a danger to your health and household: carpet mold. Now, the potential of having to deal with carpet mold shouldn’t deter you from ever using carpets or rugs ever again. After all, mold is everywhere. Armed with the right knowledge and some vigilance, you can take steps at the first sign of possible water damage to clean up the water and hopefully prevent any mold growth. Don’t let carpet mold turn into hundreds of dollars of home repairs and flooring replacement.

Remove Moisture As Soon As Possible

It goes without saying that the critical first step to carpet mold remediation or prevention is to remove as much water as possible, as soon as possible. Depending on the moisture source and how clean the water is, you can salvage your carpet. If you’re unsure, you’re better off seeking out professional mold removal and remediation services to help remove all the water and decide the best course of action for your flooring. Water damage of any kind is an emergency, so don’t delay in contacting a water damage or mold remediation company like Smith & Son’s!

Steam Clean Your Carpets

Rent a machine or hire a steam cleaning service to sanitize your carpet flooring thoroughly. This should also help with killing musty odor-causing carpet mold, giving you extra peace of mind. Further, your soaked carpet padding or underlayment may not be salvageable. While replacing it can feel like a bummer, it’s far less expensive than replacing your carpets. Plus, it’s not worth the risk of any mold growth spreading into your carpets. Of course, be sure to dry out your carpet after cleaning thoroughly.

Don’t Forget About What’s Touching Your Floors

Your walls, baseboards, and furniture should also be inspected and cleaned after water damage. Otherwise, micro-organisms stuck to your walls or baseboards can grow into carpet mold and mildew. Remove any furniture from a room when cleaning and drying the carpet. Moisture underneath the furniture legs may not dry evenly, leaving wet spots that can get out of hand.

Choose High-Quality Carpeting

If you are choosing your home carpeting, pick a modern, high-quality carpet and padding. These options should be designed with moisture-resistant and anti-microbial properties. It may cost more than your other carpet flooring options, but it could save you from the costs and headaches of dealing with carpet mold.

Mold Removal & Remediation Service from Smith & Son’s

If you are ready for skilled and quick mold removal and remediation services at any time of day, Smith & Son’s Contracting has the expertise, quality, and experience in the restoration and insurance industries you need. We don’t settle for less, and you shouldn’t either. For an exceptional job at an honest price throughout the state of Maryland and Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, and Howard County, give us a call today at (410) 360-5252 or 1-410-245-5954 for 24/7 insurance home emergency service. You can also keep up with us on Facebook, and check out our blog!

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