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Common Mistakes To Avoid During A House Fire

Read these tips to know common mistakes to avoid during a house fire.

Read these tips to know common mistakes to avoid during a house fire.

A house fire is always a terrifying situation, and people inside the home have to make extremely quick decisions to save their life. It’s critical to be prepared for an emergency to strike at any time, and knowing the most common mistakes made can help you make the correct choices in a scary situation.

Don’t Panic

While this is much easier said than done, panicking during a house fire will only escalate the situation and put you or your family in more danger. It is human nature to panic, but it is essential to try to remain as calm as possible to avoid making devastating mistakes.

Once You’re Out Of The House, Stay Out

Viewers of “This Is Us” recently learned the very real consequences of what happens when someone re-enters the home during a fire to retrieve valuables or pets. While everyone wants their animals to be safe or to go back for precious memories, a human life is more valuable. Never go back into a burning house or stay in the home for longer than necessary to retrieve personal items.

Call 911 After You Leave The House

Once again, you don’t want to spend any extra time in the house, and your main focus should be finding a safe way to exit the building. Once you have left your home, call 911 so they can get the fire under control as soon as possible.

Smoke Danger

Smoke inhalation is extremely dangerous and can lead to deadly consequences, so be sure to keep your body as low to the ground as possible. Keep your mouth covered to avoid breathing in smoke and get out as quickly as possible.

Be Prepared

Being prepared for a fire is the best way to keep you and your family safe from danger. Have an evacuation plan in place, maintain smoke alarms, and keep emergency ladders on the top floors to safely escape from windows. If everyone in your home is educated on fire safety and have practiced what to do in the event of a fire, they will not likely make any of these mistakes and have a higher chance of making it out the home safely.

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