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Why You Should Consider Professional Mold Removal Before Selling your Home

Selling your home soon? Here are some reasons to make sure to order professional mold removal before speaking with a realtor.

Mold foiling your perfect moveout plans? Make sure to hire a professional mold removal service.

If you are putting your house up for sale, but an inspector found a black mold presence, you should consider professional mold removal. It might be not very pleasant to have to do, but you might find your house on the market for much longer than expected. Mold is not a light subject. It can be detrimental to people’s health, especially with long exposure. This will not only knock the worth of your real estate down, but it also will deter potential buyers away. Therefore, it’s smart to consider mold removal before even putting the house up on the market. Here are some additional reasons to make sure that mold is completely gone before talking to a realtor. 

The Home Will be Hard to Appraise

Most potential homebuyers will want to get the home appraised first by an FHA professional. This means that the home will be thoroughly evaluated and ranked to see what the home’s value is worth. Something that can be detrimental to your home appraisal score is the presence of black mold. All homes have some mold since it is a naturally occurring fungus. But if too much accumulates at once, the black mold will continue to release spores at a rapid rate, causing more to spread around the house. This can later lead to severe health problems, or worst-case scenario, death in humans and pets. Therefore, it may be worth checking your home for mold via an inspection before putting the house up for sale and having professional mold removal done before this problem can occur. 

Insurance Can Help

When buying or selling a home, make sure to purchase an adequate insurance plan that includes weather and mold coverage. This can help counteract the costs of a professional mold removal service. If your insurance doesn’t cover that, make sure to have water damage insurance since mold usually grows in damp areas or places with water leaks. This can help to prevent mold before it can even grow. 

Get Problematic Areas Looked at Frequently

Mold removal usually occurs in a few places around the home due to the nature of those areas’ conditions. These areas include unfinished basements, attics, and inside walls (usually in bathrooms or kitchen areas.) Mold usually grows when there is either a leaky pipe or a hole that allows the fungi to float in from the outdoors. It may be wise to keep your home in good order before considering selling it by getting frequent remodels or even completely gutting extremely problematic areas. But make sure that they are professionally done to prevent a mold removal service in the future unless you have to. 

Mold Removal & Remediation Service from Smith & Son’s

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