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How to Create an Effective Home Emergency Evacuation Plan

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Unfortunately, no home is safe from the possibility of a severe home emergency. Make sure to always be prepared for the worst.

Although most people often feel the safest inside their own homes, unfortunately, no place on Earth is 100% safe. There are still plenty of security risks that can put your home into a full-on home emergency, such as a flash flood, the falling of an electrical line, or a fire approaching. Therefore, it’s very important to be prepared for the worst in case it ever happens to your home. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to develop an efficient home emergency evacuation plan in case the worst-case scenario becomes your reality. 

Become Aware of What’s Around

After purchasing a home, make sure to check the Natural Hazards for US Counties Index. This website will let you know of any potential home emergency causatives in your surrounding area by zip code. The list includes records of any previous landslide, flooding, hurricane, or heat waves occurring within that zip code. This will give you a good ground to start on when preparing your home emergency evacuation plan since you will know almost all of the naturally occurring risks before they happen. In terms of man-made or unexpected home emergency risks, such as burst pipes, electrical malfunctions, or house fires, make sure to always be as prepared as possible. This includes having access to a phone for emergency alerts and access to call 911 in case of emergency. 

Make Sure to Have Food and Water Available

In case of an extreme home emergency, it’s advised to have some necessities put aside in an easy-to-access area for basic needs. This includes at least a gallon of water for drinking and washing, non-perishable food items, phone chargers, medications, and a first aid kit. These basic necessities can help you and your family stay healthy during even the most devastating home emergency or while waiting for repairs. 

Stay Protected

One of the most crucial ways of remaining protected after a home emergency is to have everything insured. Insurance may be a burden to deal with every month, but when a disaster occurs, it will be your best friend. It’s also important to inventory what you have every so often to make sure in case of an emergency; you can only spare the most valuable items like family heirlooms or expensive jewelry. It’s also important to always have access to copies of important documents like birth certificates, driver’s licenses, passports, home deeds, and any other important legal documents. 

Home Emergency Restoration From Smith & Son’s

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