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Critical Questions To Ask Before Remodeling Your Home

Before you start your home remodel, make a note of these questions to ask your contractor.

Before you start your home remodel, make a note of these questions to ask your contractor.

You’ve heard it before, but it is entirely true- remodeling is all about planning, planning, and more planning. Remodeling is a huge change and can be a big inconvenience for your family; we’ve all heard the stories of people doing dishes in their bathroom sinks or tubs, or having to cook dinner in their garage. Although it can be a pain to deal with, the finished result of a remodel is always worth it. To make sure your remodel goes as smoothly as possible, you should be extremely prepared. Make a note of these questions to ask ahead of time, as well as a few suggestions of what you can do to keep everything moving along.

What Is The Timeline?

Before you even think about starting a residential remodel, you must know that it isn’t a short process. With permits, inspections, and building custom items for your home, it may be hard to estimate how long the project will take. Just getting a permit can take anywhere from a few days to 12 weeks, depending on your city. Ask your builder for their estimate, but be aware that it is hard to determine how long a remodel will take, so it may take longer than they first predicted.

You should start as early as possible, and have an open and continuous dialogue with your builder. While you’re in the phase of drawing plans and doing value engineering, have your designer or builder call to see how long the permit process will take. Also, remember to be as flexible as possible with your deadline, as you don’t want the work to be rushed.

When Will All Of My Materials Arrive?

Before you decide that you really need materials to be imported from another country, know the timeline of how long they will take to arrive. If you decide that you truly want the materials and aren’t bothered by waiting a few extra weeks or months for the materials to arrive, then, by all means, order whatever you’d like for your home. Just be prepared for the ramifications of what happens when your workers need to stop in the middle of your remodel to wait for certain materials to arrive.

If you’re not set on a material, talk about it with your builder. Many options will work for your space, and your builder will likely know a great deal about the variety of materials offered and offer a great alternative.

Where Will I Stay And For How Long?

This is a question you should be asking yourself before the remodel begins. After getting an estimate of how long the project will take, you need to make a decision of where you’ll be staying during that time. If you don’t think that you can handle staying in your home with construction going on around you every morning, you may want to consider staying with family, buying an RV or trailer, or renting a home. If the project is expected to last about a year, it’s suggested to rent a home for that time. If it’s a shorter-duration project and you can’t stay with family or friends, buying a used RV is a great option, and you can sell it once the remodel is complete.

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