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How to Deal with Mold Buildup in Your Walls

How to Deal with Mold Buildup in Your Walls

Having mold in your house can lead to some pretty significant health problems, especially black mold, which is universally toxic.

One of the worst things that tags along with water damage – even a really small amount of water damage – is mold. With the exception of penicillin and blue cheese (debatable), nothing good ever comes from mold. Having mold in your house can lead to some pretty significant health problems, especially black mold, which is universally toxic. Add to that the fact the mold often grows in places we don’t see, like behind your walls, and it’s easy for it to go unnoticed until it is a big problem. Thankfully, with the proper help, it is often a problem that can be fixed.

Signs Of Mold

The biggest sign of mold for most people is a musty smell. Sometimes, you can actually see mold growth on wood or drywall that has had water damage. Even if you don’t see mold, if you have water damage in the walls, ceilings, or floor, it is a safe bet that some sort of mold is probably growing.

Removing Mold

Many people assume that mold removal is an easy DIY job. There are several problems with that assumption. First, mold that you can see often starts in areas that you can’t, so the job is already bigger than it looks. Second, proper mold remediation requires tools and antimicrobial cleaners you may not have access to. Doing the job yourself without the proper protective gear is dangerous. Third, experts know about mold, including the differences between black mold (which can make everyone sick) and other molds (which can still be dangerous). Finally, mold spreads through spores – once you start cleaning it up you may easily spread it to the rest of your house if you’re not careful. 

Professional Remediation

The bottom line that you need to be aware of is that proper mold remediation – removal and cleaning – is hard and it can be dangerous. Choosing to hire a professional to take care of it is always going to be the best bet. A mold remediation expert will thoroughly remove all water-damaged materials and any materials that have mold growth, including drywall and studs if needed. They will clean anything that is staying in the home that had mold growth or water damage. They will use HEPA quality filters to remove mold spores from the air. Finally, they will be able to rebuild the walls that they had to remove. There is always the potential that mold removal is a much bigger job than it looks like – trust the experts. 

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