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Which Direction Should You Take Your Home Addition?

Which Direction Should You Take Your Home Addition?

It’s extremely useful to assess some of the advantages and disadvantages of building out or up with your home addition.

Perhaps this year of staying at home has made you realize you need more living space. So, as you contemplate a home addition, you’re faced with a critical decision: should you add outward or upward? A home addition can be a considerable undertaking, so choosing the right way to go about it is a decision not to make lightly. Before you decide, it’s extremely useful to assess some of the advantages and disadvantages of building out or up with your home addition. Take a look at some of these thoughts, and be sure to call Smith & Son’s Contracting to discuss your home addition plans further!

Building Out

When most people think of expanding their indoor living space, building a home addition outwards comes to mind. This usually means work is done to the ground-floor to add a kitchen, family room, attached garage, or sunroom to your home’s layout. When strategically planned, this type of construction work is not so disruptive to your home life as you may think. Further, it’s more straightforward to complete plumbing and electrical work, as well as to match it to the exterior of your home. 

However, there can also be a few drawbacks to consider. Building out could only be an option depending on if you have enough outdoor space available to modify your property. There could be regulations set by your locality or HOA that dictates how much of your land can be built upon. Even if this home addition is permissible, you also have to be willing to sacrifice some of your outdoor space to accommodate the project, meaning less space for a yard, garden, pool, etc.

Building Up

The other option for your home addition is to build up, such as adding a new floor to your residence. Typically, creating an addition on top of your home is great for creating more living space, upgrading a bedroom, or making space for an office or study. This is a desirable option for homeowners who want to limit disruptions to their yard. It can be an exciting project because building upward will make it necessary to redesign your roof and update your home exterior.

This project is certainly more involved and may require you to alter your current day-to-day life considerably while construction is underway since so much work is needed to change the ceilings and roofing. Also, you will need to change up your existing interior to accommodate this home addition as a new staircase will be built to connect the new floor.

Home Additions from Smith & Son’s Contracting

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