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Easy Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Make a Big Impact

Easy Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Make a Big Impact

These bathroom remodeling ideas focus on helping homeowners be smart with their time and budget to create a bathroom of their dreams.

Sometimes, a full-scale bathroom remodeling project just isn’t what a homeowner wants or needs. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make some high-impact improvements to a home bathroom with some easy and straightforward bathroom remodeling ideas! These ideas focus on helping homeowners be smart with their time and budget to create a bathroom of their dreams. Best of all, these bathroom remodeling ideas can be used to perk up any bathroom, from your master bath to the hallway bathroom.

Fresh Paint

Every homeowner’s go-to method of freshening up their home is to apply a fresh coat of paint. After all, the walls are one of the most expansive and noticeable areas in a bathroom. A paint job can hide old imperfections or transform your bathroom’s overall feel with a new color. Just be mindful that this straightforward bathroom remodeling idea can take more time than you think. Whether you do-it-yourself or hire a professional, completing the paint job will require some patience. Bathrooms have tons of small spaces and lots of fixtures to paint around carefully.

Smart Countertop Selection

Your bathroom remodeling project is a good opportunity to shop around for new eye-catching features, such as a gorgeous new stone countertop for the vanity. Stone countertops, such as granite or marble, tend to scare away homeowners because of their bigger price tag. But, bathroom counter space is much smaller than a kitchen. This makes splurging on stone counters actually rather affordable in a remodel. Keep an eye out for granite or marble slabs with minor imperfections as these are generally cheaper. Then, when it’s cut to fit your sink basin and faucet, it could be cut out entirely or made nearly impossible to detect. 

Thoughtful Tile Placement

Another high-impact bathroom remodeling project that homeowners also shy away from due to price is adding tile to their bathrooms. Tiles can get expensive to purchase, on top of the additional cost for professional installation. To make the most out of a limited tiling budget, spend it towards tiling specific areas and not the entire bathroom. Tiled floors or a tiled backsplash are a smart and big-impact place to lay tiles. Another idea is to purchase both expensive and cheaper tiles and use them together to create a lovely design. The more pricey tiles accent the other tiles. As long as the tiles are put down precisely, and the grout is carefully used, any tiled finish can elevate a bathroom remodeling project.

Bathroom Remodeling from Smith & Son’s Contracting

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