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Emergency Preparedness for Natural Disasters

Check out these tips for being prepared for natural disasters.

Check out these tips for being prepared for natural disasters.

With all the recent rain and significant flooding that has hit our area recently, it is more important now than ever to be prepared for natural disasters. Natural disasters can be unexpected shows of force from Mother Nature that can leave you and your loved ones in bad shape if you are not properly prepared. Though there is not much we can do to prevent the natural disasters themselves; you can prepare and protect yourself and your loved ones as much as possible with some of these tips.


People do not often think of the falling debris that can result from many different types of natural disasters. Whether it is a tornado or a hurricane, flying and falling objects can result in head injuries that may prove to be severe or even fatal. You do not have to buy new helmets; pick up some used bike or baseball helmets at you local thrift store or garage sales to both save you money and keep you and your family safe. Keep your helmets in a place where everyone in your household can access them so that you can get to them quickly and efficiently.

Plan with Your Family

It is important to discuss with your household your plans for natural disasters before they happen. Too often, families are sent into a panic when disaster strikes, creating a confusing and unsafe situation for everyone involved. Create an escape plan from your house and your neighborhood. Consider what would be the fastest route of escape and how you would get there, even without the help of a car.

You should also figure out how you will communicate with your family when a natural disaster hits. If cell phone towers are down, you cannot call people. Make sure your family members have phones that are equipped with 3G at the very least to communicate via social media sites. You can even download an emergency radio app on your phone to listen to police scanners, NOAA weather updates, and Coast Guard communications.

Emergency Medical Books

If someone in your family becomes injured and you are unable to make it to a hospital, it is crucial that you know some basic first aid. Educate yourself on how to stop severe bleeding and to set broken bones. Keep the books around your house in case there are more unique medical situations that present themselves during the onslaught of the natural disaster.

Have More Questions? Ask Smith and Son’s

Smith and Son’s is here to answer any questions you may have regarding natural disaster emergency preparedness. We service Howard County, Anne Arundel County, and Baltimore County, so we can give you tips and tricks that are more grounded in your area. Give us a call at 410-360-525 or 1-800-246-3787 and be sure to keep up with us on  Facebook, Twitter, and check out our blog!


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