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Exterior Home Improvement: Stain or Paint My Wood Deck?

Exterior Home Improvement: Stain or Paint My Wood Deck?

A simple exterior home improvement project to undertake this spring is staining or painting your deck!

As far as exterior home improvement projects go, refinishing a wood deck is a fairly straightforward process. Adding a fresh coat of stain or paint to your deck revitalizes the appearance of your outdoor living space. Aside from being a good practice for wood deck maintenance, this exterior home improvement brings back some more value to your home overall. We still have a bit of time before the spring season comes to start exterior projects, so take some time to weigh the benefits of either staining or painting your wood deck. For a project consultation or to inquire about our services, please reach out to Smith & Son’s Contracting Company!


You were probably drawn to the warm and natural look of wood in the first place when you chose your deck material. Using a stain for this exterior home improvement project will help enhance the natural look. Wood stains come in various opacities. Most fill the pores on the surface while allowing the natural grain and cracks to show through. More opaque stains can disguise the patterns and imperfections while still retaining an overall rustic look most homeowners adore.

The staining process is quite easy; after the deck surface is prepped with adequate sweeping, sanding, and cleaning, the stain can be applied directly to the wood with a brush or roller. Most stain products come in two-in-one formulations, eliminating the need to go over your stained deck with a separate sealant. Forgoing this extra step means more savings as you do not need to buy another product. Depending on the foot-traffic and heat or sunlight exposure, stains can last anywhere from one to eight years.


Painting your wood fence is also a fantastic option. Exterior paints come in more color varieties than the clear and brown shades stains come in. This wider range of color selection lets homeowners make a more precise impact with their deck, such as opting for a charming white deck to a trendy blue. The paint will conceal the natural pattern of the wood, but some homeowners prefer this look when trying to create a modern exterior.

The painting process is easy-to-follow but will require going over your deck surface with multiple layers and coats of products. After cleaning and sanding your deck down to a smooth finish, you must first start with a primer. Then, you may require a couple of coats of your desired paint color to achieve an even and opaque finish. Lastly, the paint job should be sealed in with a clear top-coat. While painted decks can experience chipping or peeling, this finish is generally more durable and longer-lasting than most stains, lasting nearly ten years or more before needing repainting.

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