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Exterior Home Improvement Tips: Building a Patio

Exterior Home Improvement Tips: Building a Patio

Like all home improvement projects, there are always a few things to keep in mind before diving in to building a patio.

One of the most exciting exterior home improvement projects is building a patio. In fact, with summer in full swing, those without a patio are regretting not investing in one sooner! Whether it’s connected to your deck or is a standalone addition to the backyard, an outdoor patio establishes the perfect environment for outdoor living. There’s nothing like a barbeque with good food and cold drinks on a hot summer day. Or perhaps a patio is an ideal place to sit and read a good book in the open air. Whatever your use maybe, like all home improvement projects, there are always a few things to keep in mind before diving in.


As touched on briefly, it’s a good idea to understand the purpose and use of your proposed patio. This can affect the placement, building materials, as well as design of the patio. Do you plan on installing a pool or hot tub? Or is it mainly for cookouts and just an outdoor escape? Asking yourself these questions and more can help you narrow choices you’ll have to make. In addition, these questions are almost required because they will impact your budget for the exterior home improvement project. 

Size and Space

Furthermore, when planning your patio, consider the physical location and entrance ways of the proposed patio. If you plan to do cookouts or set aside the dining space, be sure to locate the patio close to your kitchen or house doorway to minimize the distance. For instance, serving guests, bringing out food, or cleaning up will be much easier without having to transverse your entire yard to reach the patio. If your patio is to be located around a pool or other sun-lit areas, consider where the sun will be in the sky when you’ll be on the patio, and plan to plant trees or install an awning or pergola for some shade.

Budget and Build time

It’s common to get carried away with an exterior home improvement project, especially a patio. While in the preparation stages, be sure to include every expense and a buffer for costs you aren’t even aware of yet. Be mindful of the price of materials and how they can add up. Discussing these things with your exterior home improvement contractor will shed some light on these unknowns.

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