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Finding a Leaky Roof after Storm Damage

Finding a Leaky Roof after Storm Damage

We got the steps to follow if you find yourself with a leaky roof.

Whether you are the kind of person who likes or dislikes rainy weather, everyone can agree that rain is unwelcomed when it occurs indoors. After a particularly brutal storm, you may notice discoloration or swelling on your ceiling. Storm damage has struck and left you with a leaky roof.

Repairing a leaky roof is best left to a professional, but there are steps you can take to reduce damage to your home. Until you get roof restoration service, follow these steps after finding a leaky roof from storm damage.

Call for Professional Storm Damage Restoration

We listed this as the first step because it’s the most crucial! The longer you leave a leaky roof unfixed, the worse the damage to your home can get. As soon as you notice a leak, schedule for storm damage restoration and roof repairs. Roofing repairs and replacements are one of those home exterior projects that you cannot put off.

If the stormy weather persists when you notice the leak, repairs can only be made after it passes. However, if you call a professional right away, they can provide a tarping service to hold off the leak temporarily.

Locate the Leak

You will most likely notice a leaky roof from the water dripping and damaging your ceilings. Get to the attic, or on top of the roof if you can get up there safely. If you can see light getting through any spots, those are likely sources of the leaks. If you can’t visually confirm where the leak is coming from by light, get a partner to splash water from the outside of the roof to pinpoint where the water is getting in. A couple of extra drips now to find the source will be worth seeing all points in the roofing that needs repair.

Remove Excess Water

Leaving the excess water and drips can cause moldy growths, damage to your belongings, and extensive structural damage to your home. If you can reach where above the ceiling the water is dripping, clean up the rainwater and place a bucket to catch any drippings.

If you can’t access the spot where the water is pooling, you best shot at preventing extensive water damage is to drain your ceiling. Puncture a small hole where the ceiling swells the largest to release the water. It’s better to control where the leak can spread and fix a minor hole in your ceiling than to deal with extensive water damage to the important structures of your home.

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