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Finished Basement Ideas

Finished Basement Ideas

What do you want to convert your finished basement into? Smith & Son’s can help with your project!

Why do some homeowners put off their home improvement projects? Perhaps the projects and renovations seem too large, costly, and feel very daunting to approach. Or, maybe they feel as though they don’t use a particular part of their home enough to warrant a home improvement project. Some homeowners are just unsure if they will even be living in the same house in the next few years to find completing these projects a necessity. Whatever the case, Smith & Son’s is here to tell you a finished basement can be just the right project for you! Renovating your drab unfinished basement into something more beautiful gives added resale value and enjoyment value to the homeowner. Plus, there are plenty of ways to transform your underused basement into something with more purpose.

Extra Living Room

The obvious idea is to convert the newly finished basement into an extra living room. If you’re creating the extra living space, then make sure you’ll take advantage of it. Decorate it with as much care you would dedicate to the upper-floor living room. A second living room is nice for a change in scenery, or for hosting two groups of people (say the parents, aunts, and uncles in one and the kids and cousins in the other).

Kids’ Playroom

Families with younger kids will appreciate some more space for the children to play indoors. If your kids aren’t always the best about picking up their toys after playtime, having the basement as the designated play area will prevent a mess of toys from being strewn around the house. 

Home Office

For those that work from home and bring in clients, think of how impressed your customers will be with your new and improved office! Converting the whole basement into a home office space gives off a more professional impression to others. Having the finished basement as your workspace limits distractions to both your work and the rest of the household.

Guest Quarters

To treat house guests with the best, let them stay in their own guest quarters in your home. Adding a full bathroom and kitchenette makes a perfect little living space for guests to call their own. Plus, extra baths and kitchens always add massive value to a property. If you don’t expect guests too often, you can choose to rent out your finished basement to those looking for a room.

Entertainment Space

Now that you have the extra space with your home improvement project, why don’t you fit it out with your favorite pieces of entertainment? You can convert a finished basement into a home entertainment center for watching movies or sports and playing video games. For a mature version of a game room, consider adding a pool table or poker table for game nights with friends. That extra kitchenette space might even be perfect for building in some bar seating.

Basement Finishing from Smith & Son’s Contracting

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