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Why A Fire Board Up Service is Necessary

smith & sons contracting fire board up service

After a fire, you’ll probably need to use a fire board up service to best conserve the home.

A home or property fire can be completely devastating to many people, and it can be hard to let go. One minute you were strolling through the house, enjoy life as usual, and the next, the property is destroyed by fire. The security you thought the house provided for you and your family is now gone in mere seconds. Even if no one is harmed, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of furniture, heirlooms, and renovations are instantly gone. This causes immense trauma in many fire victims. But not all hope is lost, for a fire cleanup and restoration crew can repair many houses eventually after a fire. However, it might be tempting to go back through the destroyed property and rummage around. However, this is not safe for many reasons and is usually considered trespassing. A fire board up service is great for not only protecting the property against looters and other threats, but it also helps to conserve the house for a future revival. Read to find out more.

Protects Against the Wrath of Mother Nature

When a house or property is burned, often its innermost elements are exposed to nature. This makes the property, already structurally weak from the fire, even more, susceptible to wind damage, water damage, and mold. Using a fire board up service to cover all windows and doors helps prevent this from occurring, so you won’t have to worry about your house being further destroyed as much. 

Keeps Out the Looters

There are crooks everywhere, hiding where you’d least expect. Some people find great joy in risking their health and lives to scour through burned property looking for whatever they can find or sell. Using a fire board up service, you are essentially sealing any ways of entry, which also works well for keeping out criminals. If they can’t find an easy way inside the property, they may want to look elsewhere to perform their heist. 

Reduces Animal Activity

When a property or home is vacant for a long time, wild animals will assume that they can use it as their shelter source. Animals like birds, raccoons, squirrels, mice, and insects will be very happy to call this house their new home. But unbeknownst to them, they can cause great damage to the home that is already weak from the fire. Using a fire board up service to fill in all the cracks in the walls and cover as much damage as possible, the animals, like criminals, will not have an easy way to access the shelter. So they will have to look elsewhere. 

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