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Fire Damage Cleanup for Commercial Property

smith & sons fire damage cleanup

Unfortunately, businesses aren’t immune to fires, so they may also need fire damage cleanup services.

Unfortunately, fires happen, and they aren’t an exclusive problem to residential homes. Fires can also affect commercial properties, especially restaurants and manufacturing facilities where high heat and open flames are possible. After a devastating fire, you may think that your business is destroyed forever. However, this is more likely than not the case. Most of the time, restoration is possible via commercial-grade fire damage cleanup. Want to learn more about how fire damage cleanup works and what you’ll need to do to get back on track? This blog is here to help get things started. 

Step One: Assessment

The first step to take immediately after the fire is put out by authorities is contacting a restoration company like Smith & Sons. Professionals will arrive on the scene and assess how much fire damage there is and will also determine what is salvageable from the property. There is also another component of fire damage cleanup that is often overlooked: water damage. Water damage can occur from extinguishing the fire with water hoses. Once all damages have been assessed, they will be promptly recorded and sent to the business owners as well as insurance providers for proper booking. 

Step Two: Safety Measures

Next in the fire damage cleanup process is making sure the building and surrounding area are protected. Buildings affected by fire damage, particularly commercial buildings that contain a lot of further mechanical fire hazards, are very dangerous to unknowing pedestrians. Therefore, the building must be boarded up, and usually, a temporary perimeter fence will be installed if there is any outside damage or risk of electrical shock.

Step Three: Water and Fire Damage Removal

If extinguishment with water hoses occurred, water damage cleanup would come first since it can further damage the property very quickly. Removing water is essential to maintaining the strong structure of the commercial building. Once the water is removed, fire damage cleanup can occur. This is the removal of soot, damaged items, and smoke odors with special equipment.

Step Four: Cleanup and Repair

The last step in the fire damage cleanup process is to begin the repairs. Cleaning up any salvageable equipment or items usually comes first, and then comes repairing the fire-damaged surroundings. This includes repainting, wood stripping, and sanding, and refinishing any metal or wooden items. Depending on the severity of the resulting fire damage, entire rooms might need to be reconstructed from scratch, which may take a little while. However, it is all to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. 

Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration From Smith & Son’s

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