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Four Steps to Take While Waiting for Fire Damage Cleanup

Hundreds of thousands of house fires occur in America alone each year, leading to the need for fire damage cleanup. But what do you do during the period of wait?

Waiting for fire damage cleanup can be stressful, especially when there is a lot of damage. But not all hope is always lost.

Hundreds of thousands of house fires occur in America alone each year, leading to the need for fire damage cleanup. But what do you do during the period of wait? It can be frustrating to think about your parts of your property being lost for good. But try to clear your mind and think rationally. We are taught to be able to quickly adapt to any situation, no matter how serious. This is a checklist of steps you can take after a house fire while waiting for restoration.


  • Call your Insurance Agent

The single most important step after a fire is to report the disaster to your property insurance company as soon as possible. You pay for home insurance precisely for this reason, and the time has come to put it to use. Insurance agents are trained to help redirect you to resources you can utilize while waiting on restoration and can even likely reimburse you for some damages. After calling your insurance, it’s a good idea to call any other institutions who would need to know about the fire damage, like your utility center, bank, and mortgage lender. 

  • Figure Out Where to Live Temporarily

Even the most minor fires still usually produce toxic gas and unpleasant smoke smells, so it is a good idea to be able to find somewhere to live in the short term. It’s great to ask friends and family members if possible. If that is not an option for you, tell your insurance agent to look into any government agencies or programs that could help move you in somewhere temporarily. Depending on the damage and length of stay, some insurance companies will reimburse the temporary living costs if needed until restoration is complete. 

  • Make a List of Damaged vs. Salvageable Items

After the fire department clears you to re-enter the home, it may be beneficial to go back through the damaged items. It may be daunting, but it is an important part of the process to go through the inventory. Some items may be salvageable, and it is important to note that for later in the restoration process. Damaged items, on the other hand, must be replaced eventually. This is important to report to insurance depending on the value of the item. 

  • Reflect on What Went Wrong

If you remember how the fire began, try to think of some steps to prevent it from starting again in the future. Keeping smoke detectors up to date and batteries charged, ensuring to keep on the lookout for fire hazards like burning candles and grease, and not overloading electrical outlets or power strips are great places to begin your reflection.

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