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How To Get Rid Of Mold In Your Bathroom

 Learn the best tips for removing mold from your bathroom.

Learn the best tips for removing mold from your bathroom.

The bathroom is one of the most common rooms in the home to find mold, as the conditions are perfect for mold to thrive. Because of the moisture and warm temperature from hot showers, the mold may continue to return no matter how much you try to remove it. Continue reading for a few tips on how to get rid of mold for good and permanently prevent it from growing in your bathroom.

Cleaning Tips

Mold is alive and spreads by spores floating in the air, and can grow on any surface that is coated with organic matter. This means that mold in your shower doesn’t live on the shower walls or the caulk like you may think, it actually lives on the deposited skin cells. While it does take some cleaning to remove mold, you don’t need any toxic cleaners. In fact, it’s recommended only to use soap and water, and bleach doesn’t kill mold, it simply removes the stain.

Exhaust Fan

After a warm shower, your bathroom needs to dry out and cool down. Running the exhaust fan at any time is good practice, but it’s especially important to let in run for about 30 minutes after a shower. If your bathroom doesn’t have an exhaust fan, a fan of any kind is helpful for moving the air and drying out the room.

After you shower, it’s also good practice to open the shower curtain to let it dry, wipe the shower walls dry with a towel, and mop up any water spills on the floors. By keeping your bathroom as dry as possible, you have a much better chance of avoiding mold growth.

Permanently Preventing Mold

If you are airing out your bathroom and cleaning regularly but still find mold, there are a few ways to get rid of it for good. First, re-caulk your shower, as mold tends to live in crevices and unseen spaces. Once you remove the old caulk, thoroughly clean and dry the area before applying a new layer. Let it cure for at least 24 hours before using the shower to ensure it stays dry and doesn’t allow any moisture to seep in.

If you have continuous issues with mold in your bathroom, it’s important to call a professional for help. Some bathrooms have excessive moisture or a food source that needs to be controlled that calls for an expert. Contact Smith and Son’s today for our mold remediation cleanup to get your bathroom clean and mold-free!

Mold Removal & Remediation Service from Smith & Son’s

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