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Hoarding Cleanup and How to Request it for a Loved One

Read on for a couple of recommendations on how to get a hoarding loved one accustomed to the idea of a hoarding cleanup service.

Hoarders often obsessively hold onto old or damaged items that they don’t need anymore, meaning they will likely need a hoarding cleanup service.

If you know a hoarder, you know that requesting them to receive a hoarding cleanup service is near impossible. Most hoarders are extremely stubborn when it comes to giving their things away. Hoarding is a legitimate mental health disorder often caused by obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD.) It’s hard to watch your friend or loved one slowly descend into a cluttered mess that can become a health or fire hazard. Many hoarding homes can also contain mold buildup, water damage, or other home damages that can quickly become buried in material goods. But not all hope is lost. There are still ways to break it to the suspected hoarder that they need help via a hoarding cleanup service. It will not be an easy process by any means, but they will appreciate it in the long run. Below are a couple of recommendations on how to get a hoarder accustomed to the idea of a hoarding cleanup service. 

Initiate a Conversation

Most hoarders don’t know that they have a legitimate disorder or don’t want to admit the problem to themselves. This can make them come off as stubborn and rigid when it comes to letting go of their items. Some hoarders tend to just downright refuse to talk about it. The most important advice about bringing it up is to be patient. Some people may be offended by mentioning it. If this happens, make sure to carefully listen to their concerns and try a different, more personalized approach for next time. 

Get Help from Hoarding Cleanup Professionals

Sometimes, in extreme hoarding cases, the hoarder’s stubbornness may override whatever their friends and family may find best for them. In this case, it’s best to send them some advice from experts at hoarding cleanup. Professionals dealing with hoarders know the patterns of hoarding and have seen many cases before. They know that each hoarder is different and will try to develop ways using technology or other research to tell the hoarder how detrimental hoarding can be for their health. They will tell a hoarder that keeping all these items may cause water damage or mold growth. Sometimes it can even damage floors. Some hoarders may find reassurance in professionals who are used to dealing with cleanup and may feel more obligated to listen. 

Never Cleanup For Them

You wouldn’t go through a non-hoarder’s items without permission and throw them away, so it’s important to never throw away or look through a hoarder’s items without permission beforehand. A hoarder may become extremely hurt if you are caught doing this, and, likely, they may never want to receive professional cleanup services. Communication is key to ensuring a successful cleanup. Remember, this person is close to you for a reason. If you are going through their items without communicating first, it’s like a violation of privacy, and you will lose their trust. 

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