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Home Addition Choices: Wood or Composite Deck?

Home Addition Choices: Wood or Composite Deck?

There are two types of decks in popular demand: wood and composite decks. If you don’t already have one, this is the year to get one built by Smith & Son’s Contracting!

A home addition that brings in significant returns on its investment is a deck! Your deck can be the perfect setting for grilling, lounging, entertaining, and more. This home addition lets homeowners enjoy their outdoor surroundings during any time of the year. Indeed, you’ll want your deck to last. If you don’t already have one, this is the year to get one built by Smith & Son’s Contracting! There are two types of decks in popular demand: wood and composite decks. Before you make your choice, you should consider the following regarding each type of deck construction material.


When it comes to the style and appearance of each material, it really comes down to individual preference. Both wood and composite decks look impressive when built with high-quality craftsmanship. Some homeowners love the natural look — and feel — of wood. Therefore, they’ll opt for the wooden construction and likely stain it to preserve the wood patterns and textures. Of course, wood can also be painted into any color that comes in a can. There’s plenty of choices there too.

On the other hand, composite decks are just as attractive and can even mimic the look of wood to a certain degree. While a wonderfully constructed composite deck makes a lovely outdoor home addition, homeowners must be more certain about their color and finish choice. While it is possible with the right prep work, it’s less common for people to paint over their composite decking material.


In terms of maintenance needs, a composite deck is probably the lowest maintenance home addition out there. It really only requires cleaning off excessive outdoor dirt and grime once a year, and even then, it’s a simple matter of hosing down the surface. Wood decks are another story. Every few years — and maybe even a few months, depending on the conditions — your wood deck needs sanding, sealing, resealing, or repainting. Failing to maintain the upkeep of your wood deck leads it susceptible to sun damage, wood splintering, rotting, or insect damage.


Once you examine the cost of building and maintaining each type of deck, it may become more apparent which material is worth your money and time. Composite decks cost more upfront to construct, but this home addition needs very little in terms of maintenance. Wood decks are an economical and beautiful choice. However, homeowners should be prepared to invest the resources down the line in preserving this home addition.

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