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Home Addition: Expand with a Sunroom

Home Addition: Expand with a Sunroom

Looking to increase your home’s floorspace and natural light exposure? Consider a sunroom for your next home addition project!

When you think of expanding your home’s living space, some obvious ideas include a deck or patio. While these outdoor living areas make for excellent home addition projects, not all homeowners want a strictly outdoor setting. Instead, consider undertaking a home addition that perfectly blends outdoor delights with indoor comfort: a sunroom! Also known as a solarium or a conservatory, sunrooms are a perfect beauty and value-adding investment that adds versatile space to any home. Should you consider expanding your house with a sunroom? Check out these tips when considering creating this home addition.

What To Do with a Sunroom?

A sunroom acts as a glass-enclosed, indoor space with a door leading into the primary home structure. This home addition gives the homeowner more natural sunlight, views of the landscape, indoor space, and flexibility to adapt to a living area for any occasion. Due to the climate control and sun-exposure this room gets, many people like to use their sunroom as a makeshift greenhouse and sitting room. However, there are many ways to make a sunroom inviting for several purposes, whether to host a dinner party, to lounge with a good book, or to use as a play area for children.

Build Materials

Aside from the glass panels that can make up the walls and roof of the sunroom, there are many types of materials that go into constructing this lovely home addition. Wood, brick, vinyl, or aluminum all lend unique variations that can make a sunroom look more rustic or contemporary. Classic components include wide French doors that lead outside to a deck or patio. During the temperate months, leaving these doors open provides an even more seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces.


Sunrooms differ from enclosed porches and patios, so you should furnish it accordingly. While homeowners typically use wicker furniture for outdoor settings, use homier pieces like sofas and rugs to decorate this space. This will make the sunroom feel more like an extension of your home’s interior rather than the exterior. Just be sure you are mindful of the sunlight exposure that can discolor some fabrics and other materials, like wood floors. Hang up light and airy drapes that allow you to control how much light gets let in and provide privacy when needed. Consider installing a ceiling fan and light combo so you can use this space after the sun has set. Plus, a ceiling fan can create comfortable air circulation.

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