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Home Improvement Projects for Starter Homes

Home Improvement Projects for Starter Homes

Check out these affordable and sensible home improvement projects that are ideal for starter homes!

If you didn’t already know, starter homes refer to the often first home a person will move into. They plan to sell the house and move to another eventually, but that won’t be happening anytime soon. So, in the meantime, it makes sense to take on some home improvement projects to boost the visual appeal of the house and, during the process, maybe even increase its future resale value. However, homeowners may be hesitant to spend several thousand or even hundreds of dollars on home improvement projects that they won’t enjoy for several years or won’t fetch them a fair return on their investment. In that case, here are a few affordable and simple home improvement projects ideal for those looking to perk up their starter home.

Buy a Fireplace

A real wood or gas burning fireplace is a desirable and expensive amenity, so your starter home likely does not have one. Rather than spend a small fortune on building a fireplace and chimney, buy a freestanding fireplace and place it in your desired room. Now, you have the cozy and luxurious feel of a fireplace without spending the money or maintenance needs on a real unit. Further, you can take this with you when it’s time to say good-bye to your starter home.

Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint never fails. Starter homes are typically older homes that need some small adjustments here and there to bring out their charm, as well as add some modernity to their appearance. Both the interior and exterior of the home could probably benefit from this affordable project, one you could even DIY. Either repaint any areas showing chipped paint or discoloration to polish off the look, or opt for a new color scheme entirely, such as timeless white walls with blue accents.

Practical Renovations and Fixes

No matter the style of your starter home, the best home improvement projects you can use at any time are often the ones making practical renovations and fixes to your home. These don’t have to be done all at once, but be sure to prioritize preventative maintenance needs and improving the everyday function of high-use areas like the kitchen. These projects can be things like replacing missing roof shingles or adding a small kitchen island with far too little counter space to work with.

Build a Deck or Patio

Building a small to medium-sized deck or patio is more affordable these days. This type of home addition adds immense curb appeal to your starter home property and extends the amount of living space you have to work with. Where patios aren’t possible because of uneven grounds, you can build a short deck to achieve a similar look and function.

Finish the Basement

Lastly, find ways to finish the basement during your time in your starter home. An unfinished basement is a space you could otherwise be used for various means, and get more enjoyment from more of your home. With this home improvement, you’ll be saving the next owner the trouble of finishing the basement, which many are willing to pay more for when it comes time to sell.

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