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What To Do When Your Home Loses Power

Learn a few tips on what to do before/during a power outage.

Learn a few tips on what to do before/during a power outage.

Maryland recently experienced a storm that resulted in many homes and buildings losing power for a short period of time. Losing power is always a scary thing, but being prepared for a power outage is the best way to get through it. Read over these tips to learn what to do before and during a power outage to be as prepared as possible.

Before A Storm

If you are lucky enough to be informed of a high wind storm before it hits your town, take the time to prepare for a power outage. Investing in a home generator is the best way to save time and stress during emergencies, and can keep your heat and lights on when you need them. For those without a generator, here are a few more tips:

  • Keep flashlights in main rooms in easy to reach places, and store the batteries upside down when not in use to conserve power.
  • In addition to flashlights, have headlamps readily available for every family member. Headlamps may look funny, but they are very practical for living without power for an extended period, as they allow you to be hands-free.
  • Stock up on candles, lighters, and kerosene lamps in preparation for a storm.
  • If you have pets, it’s always a good idea to have a list of shelters and hotels that allow pets, in case you ever need to evacuate your home.
  • Have an adaptable phone charger in your car to avoid losing cell phone battery.
  • Move cars out of the way from potentially hazardous trees and branches. For those who park on the street, try your best to park away from street lamps and signs, or find a garage to leave your car.

Living Without Power

Staying at home during a power outage will likely be uncomfortable, especially in the cold winter. Read over these tips to remain as comfortable and safe as possible when living without power:

  • When the power goes out, drape windows with blankets and comforters to keep heat inside. However, leave the south-facing windows uncovered during the day to get as much heat from the sun as you can.
  • Stay with your family in one main room, and close the doorway if possible to let the body heat accumulate in one space.
  • As for cooking, a wood stove can be used for heating up soup or boil water.
  • If the weather isn’t bad outside, use your outdoor grill to cook your meals. If the weather is bad, you may not be able to use your grill, as cooking on an outdoor grill indoors is a fire hazard.
  • If you lose water in a winter snowstorm, bring buckets of fresh snow inside to melt.

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