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Home Remodeling: What Type of Stone Should You Pick?

Home Remodeling: What Type of Stone Should You Pick?

There are quite a few different types of stones to choose from for your home remodeling project.

Stone has been used to build structures for literally thousands of years, dating back to early Egyptian and European peoples. It’s no wonder why stone has been used so much and is still used today for great looking luxury homes, additions, patios, and home fronts. However, it is essential to note that there are quite a few different types of stones to choose from for your home remodeling project. Let us look at a few today and discuss each!


Marble is perhaps one of the best looking stone choices and is the best choice for a luxurious look to your kitchen, bathroom, or even general parts of your home. In addition, the elegant look adds value to your home. Marble comes from limestone that has undergone a geological process. However, due to this, marble is typically a very porous material and will require routine sealing, much like limestone itself or granite. Sealing helps keep water and other substances from being absorbed into the stone and staining it.


Granite: the tried and true choice for many homeowners. Whether it’s a home remodeling project or new construction, granite is often a top choice, especially in the kitchen. Very few stones and materials can match the attractive style and durability. Like marble, sealing is required, but that is usually all that is required.


Despite being a bit of a different choice, slate is ideal for exterior home remodeling projects such as courtyards, patios, pathways, or pool areas. The rustic style is eye-catching without being too intense. Slate is typically used in uneven, irregularly shaped pieces that actually add to the unique aesthetic. Specific types of slate are often used in particular styles of houses. For instance, a red shade of slate is often paired with homes going for a Mediterranean vibe.


Quartzite is sandstone converted through heat and pressure. The original name was quartz sandstone. Quartzite often is made of crystals, and, therefore, can give a spectacular look to wherever you are installing it into. Quartzite is stronger than granite and it is more durable. Also, it can withstand heat well, up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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