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Identifying Wind Storm Damage to a Roof with Ease

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Make sure to always check for storm damage on your roof after strong winds!

As we move into the mid-summer season, we all watch and wait for the inevitable hurricane season to come in the next two months or so. While Maryland does not typically receive too much severe damage from the hurricane epicenters themselves, we do often receive some after-effects such as heavy rain and wind storms. Wind can be just as if not more damaging as rainstorms, especially when it comes to the roofs of our homes. A full roof replacement is usually extremely expensive, so it’s important to routinely check your roof for wind storm damage after the squall has been completed. Here’s what to look for on your roof in terms of wind storm damage once everything has subsided. 

Exterior Roof Damage

The easiest wind storm damage to identify is any exterior damage to the shingles of the roof. Although shingles are meant to withstand lots of weather, both time and the surrounding environment are not on their side in many cases, causing them to weaken or crack over the years. This leaves them extremely vulnerable to storm damage, especially wind storms. After a wind storm occurs, go outside and look for any visibly damaged or missing shingles. For a more thorough search, you may want to climb up to the roof using a ladder to see the extent of the damage, but never actually walk on the roof if you suspect damage, especially when it is still slick.

Signs of Further Roof Storm Damage

If you’ve found and replaced all the shingles and still have any of the following problems related to storm damage, it may be best to get in contact with a restoration contractor.

  • Drafts in the home: Do you often feel a small chill or draft in your home even with all the windows, doors, and other openings closed? Don’t be quick to assume your home is haunted; it’s more than likely an unidentified roof problem caused by storm damage.
  • Discolored or leaking walls or ceilings: This is a telltale sign that water damage is or has already occurred in this spot. Water damage can be extremely dangerous and will likely need to be looked at by a professional for restoration. 
  • Another neighboring home was hit hard: If someone’s house and/or roof within close proximity to you suffered a lot of storm damage, your home may be at greater risk than you’d think. It’s always best to contact a professional to take a look at it. 

Storm Damage Repair Services From Smith & Son’s

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