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Why It’s Imperative to Get Fire Board Up Service

Why It’s Imperative to Get Fire Board Up Service

Once the fire is out, the possibility of continued damage doesn’t end. This is why fire board up is so important.

Residential fires are devastating in many ways. Once the fire is out, the possibility of continued damage and invasion doesn’t end, however. The damage that a residential fire causes to your home can open you up to further damage from the elements and even from vandals and criminals. This is why fire board up is so important. It helps to protect your remaining assets, among other benefits.

Weather Protection

If the fire has destroyed windows or parts of the walls or roof, you could find that the weather no longer stays outside where it belongs, and it could damage your property even further. If it takes a few days or even a few weeks to start the restoration process, the amount of damage due to weather exposure can really accumulate and make the restoration project take longer and cost more. It’s far better to get fire board up services sooner than to deal with extra weather-related damages later.

Intruder Protection

The other problem with damage to the structure of the home after a house fire, be it doors, windows, walls, or the roof, is that people and animals can get into your house and do damage or take things. Criminals and vandals sometimes see fire damaged houses as an open invitation to loot, steal, and do more damage. Animals often enter homes through damaged areas looking for shelter or food. Either way, securing the damaged portions of your home against intruders with fire board up service can protect your assets and deter people from trespassing for any reason.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance policies require that you do everything you can to protect your property from further damage. If your policy requires that you fire board up, and if you don’t, it might invalidate some or all of your claim. Making sure that you fully understand your responsibilities before a disaster is the best thing, but if you’re not sure, ask when you call to initiate your claim. 

Liability Protection

Trespassing is a concern because you don’t want unauthorized people to access your home and steal or cause damage, but you also don’t want people to get hurt on your property. Even if they’re trespassing, you could be liable for any injuries they endure if you haven’t secured the property correctly. Plus, if it’s a kid that accesses your property and gets hurt, you’d likely be even more upset that your negligence caused the injury.

Fire Restoration from Smith & Son’s Contracting

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