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What Increases My Risk of a House Fire?

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Did you know that dirty kitchen appliances and pots and pans can increase risk of a house fire?

If you ask most people what causes a house fire, you will probably hear a lot of similar answers. Leaving the oven on, a gas leak or a lit cigarette are probably the most common answers you will receive. But the truth is, there is so much more that can put your home at risk of a house fire, even some things that seem menial or every day. Here are some smaller, more unknown factors that can lead to a potential house fire and how to prevent them before they occur.

Dirty Kitchen Appliances

Having a kitchen means you are likely cooking on the stovetop, microwave, or in the oven. This means that heat and electricity are being applied to the appliance. When old food, grease, or ingredients begin to cover the stove, they can become increasingly burnt. This not only creates an undesirable smell, but it actually is a huge factor in house fire risk. Make sure to always clean your appliances after cooking with nonflammable cleaning fluids. 

Too Many Cords

Cords can actually play a huge factor in house fire risks, especially when there are too many plugged into a single extension socket. This increases the risk of electrical sparks. Try to limit extension cord use around the house as much as possible, and if an extension plug is used, make sure to never plug in another extension cord or plug to it. If a plug exposes any of the wires inside, unplug it and throw it away immediately. 

Dryer Lint

Too much dryer lint buildup is a huge risk for a house fire. Lint can easily catch fire, especially when made of dust, hair, or other organic materials. After every load in the dryer, make sure to clean the lint filter. 

Toss Any Dirty Oil Rags

You should always dispose of any rags that have come into contact with motor or cleaning oils since, as the oil ages, it can spontaneously combust into a house fire. This is especially dangerous if left in a garage which will likely contain other flammable car-related items like oils or gasoline. Make sure to dispose of the rags according to your local county or state guidelines. 

Learn Fireplace Safety

A fireplace is often a selling point of homes and should be the only place where fires occur inside the home. However, that being said, the fireplace must be well cared for in order to keep the fire contained. For example, when the fireplace reaches 1/4 of an inch of soot, you should make sure to clean it with nonflammable materials. In addition, the area around the fireplace should be clear of any rugs or furnishings to prevent the possibility of a house fire. 

Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration From Smith & Son’s

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