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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for a Practical and Functional Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for a Practical and Functional Kitchen

Before getting carried away with paint colors and materials, it’s essential to identify ways to use a kitchen remodel to boost your kitchen’s functionality.

Homeowners who have the funds to do so are always looking for ways to use kitchen remodeling to perk up their kitchen, and now is a great time! Before you get completely carried away with paint colors and materials, it’s essential to identify ways to use a kitchen remodel to boost your kitchen’s functionality and not solely the appearance. Designing the perfect kitchen means the kitchen remodeling ideas you incorporate will increase your enjoyment of using and interacting in the kitchen. Even a gorgeous kitchen will quickly lose its appeal if you run into too many practical issues while trying to whip up a meal!

Check The Layout

Kitchen layouts come in all different configurations, and it can vary even more depending on how big or small the kitchen area is. The main aspect you need to consider is if your current layout presents a work triangle. That means you have a reasonably uninterrupted and short path between the three main kitchen stations: the sink, refrigerator, and cooking range. If not, a kitchen remodeling project is a perfect time to make those changes.

Built-In Trash Receptacle

You don’t want your trash can taking up precious floor space in your kitchen, yet you need it close by. Further, you don’t like how much of an eyesore a trash bin can be, even those with a cover. For these reasons, the practical solution to these dilemmas is to build the trash receptacle mount into your cabinetry! Try to make space for two, so you have one receptacle for regular trash and the other for recyclables.

A Large or Two Sinks

A large kitchen sink offers far more functionality than almost any other design, so prioritize this addition during your kitchen remodeling project. The bigger sink can hold more dirty dishes, makes it easier to wash items like baking sheets and huge pots, and there is more space for two people to work even on different tasks. An alternative to one large sink would be to build a secondary sink.

Big Kitchen Island

A big kitchen island is the hub of the kitchen, even the heart of a family home. There’s plenty of space to work on top, from meal prep to homework and everything in between. Many island designs take advantage of bar seating and extra storage. Plus, a kitchen island can help you achieve that work triangle mentioned earlier. There is plenty of space to add either a sink or cooktop to the island, not to mention other extras like an oven, microwave, or dishwasher.

Kitchen Remodeling from Smith & Son’s Contracting

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