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Kitchen Remodeling: Tips for The Kitchen Island

Kitchen Remodeling: Tips for The Kitchen Island

Building an island with your kitchen remodeling project adds style and statement to your home, not to mention extra valuable countertop and storage space.

A beautiful new kitchen island can be the focal point of any kitchen. It can add style and statement to your home, not to mention extra valuable countertop and storage space. A kitchen remodeling project that can upgrade your existing island, or build a new one, is a wonderful investment but can get real complicated real quick. You can avoid kitchen island issues by working with reliable kitchen remodeling contractors and by carefully planning your project scope from the beginning. Then, you can focus on design aspects that will make your kitchen island stand out from the rest.

Reworking Placement and Layout

Changing the size or shape of your existing island, and putting in a new one, in a kitchen remodeling project is a huge project. Don’t think otherwise. The original structure may need to be demolished in order to build a new island base to your desired dimensions. Of course, this process can cause damages to your kitchen flooring, which can be a good thing or bad. As part of a full-scale kitchen renovation, you may already be changing the flooring. Otherwise, you need to be prepared to say good-bye to that bit of floor space, and the coverings with it. Also, consider how the kitchen island size plays into the rest of the area. A too-large island throws the kitchen proportions out of balance, while a too-small island may be impractical in use.

Budget for Plumbing and Electrical Work

Kitchen islands can house your essential appliances, like a large farmhouse sink, the dishwasher, or a mounted microwave. If you are adding the new island or rearranging the placement of your appliances from the kitchen perimeter to the island, this will require some complicated plumbing and electrical work. A professional can get this done quickly and correctly, which is a good reason why kitchen island renovations aren’t necessarily DIY-friendly.

Contrasting Countertops

Islands should have visual appeal, and your kitchen remodeling project can give it just that. Change out the island countertops to something different from the rest of your counters. You can use a butcher block or a gorgeous slab of soapstone or quartz. Varying the counters gives your kitchen a custom-built impression.

More Refined Furniture Look

Take the contrasting look a step further by styling your island to look like a statement piece of furniture. This can be done by giving the island base legs, using a different material or paint color on the base and cabinets, or opting for an unexpected style altogether. All in all, making the island look like a statement piece of kitchen furniture can give your kitchen a grand feel.

Leave Room for Seating

Make your kitchen more than a place to prepare meals and a place to sit, relax, and snack. Creating bar seating at a kitchen island instantly makes any kitchen look more inviting. You can further customize the seating by selecting your favorite counter stools or chairs. Kitchen island seating is excellent for having your small meals or for entertaining guests while you do the cooking. 

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