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Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Are Actually Timeless

Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Are Actually Timeless

Are you surprised to see some of your favorite kitchen remodeling trends that are actually timeless?

It seems like every few months there are new kitchen remodeling trends that sweep homeowners off their feet. Remodeling a kitchen, while fun and exciting, is a serious time and monetary commitment. Done correctly, this type of home improvement project can yield high returns, in either resale value or your daily enjoyment. Here are a few popular kitchen remodeling trends and ideas to inspire your next project. And remember, just because these are considered trendy doesn’t mean the results aren’t a timeless kitchen design.

Using Wood

Wood is making its revival in several kitchens, and it seems that it’s here to stay. Previously only associated with a traditional or rustic look, woods now come in multiple colors, finishes, and applications. Each variation lends itself to changes to fit into any kitchen remodel. Use wooden finishes for the cabinets, kitchen island, counters, or even flooring (many vinyl flooring options replicate the look of wood). Wood draws a timeless association to nature, calm, and peace. Mixing wood into your other kitchen remodeling trends can help you achieve that comforting mood while staying modern.

Painted Cabinets

White kitchens are timeless, but strategically painted cabinetry with pops of blue or green has caught homeowners’ attention. Shades can range from pale grayish-blue to hunter green. These painted cabinets pair well with a variety of hardware, from gunmetal to brass to bronze. Other ways to coordinate a timeless yet unique color-scheme for your kitchen is to contrast it with your walls, counters, and floors.

Open Shelves

Conversely, open shelves are a surprising favorite for many people, as well. Replacing upper cabinets with wood, metal, or glass shelving makes storing and retrieving kitchen items easy. Additionally, these open shelves can act as a display case for your beautiful cookware or dishware collection. This kitchen remodeling trend is quite practical and leans towards the minimalist approach. 

Seamless Appliances

Seamless appliances started as a trend but have become a standard in recent years. Built-in, wall-mounted slots for microwaves and ovens reduce the look of clutter on kitchen countertops. Dishwasher and refrigerator doors have even been disguised to look like cabinets or pantry doors. Induction cooktops are a modern and sleek option, which can also reduce the chances of an accidental fire.

Big Sinks

Another timeless and practical kitchen remodeling trend is replacing standard sinks with larger farmhouse style sinks or galley workstations. A beautifully installed kitchen sink draws intrigue to the room, from its basin construction to elegant hardware. A bigger kitchen sink caters to the modern kitchen when there are plenty of pots, dishes, fruits, vegetables, and hands to wash.

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