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Maintenance Tips After Your New Construction is Completed

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Make sure to upkeep your home’s new construction after it’s completed with these helpful maintenance tips!

Congratulations! After a lot of time and effort, your new construction project, whether it’s a renovation, home addition, or even a brand new home, is completed! Now you can share the great-looking new construction with friends and family alike. But unfortunately, new construction doesn’t remain new forever. But, it is easy to conserve the “new look” for many years to come with a little proper maintenance every once in a while! Make sure to upkeep your home’s new construction after it’s completed with these helpful maintenance tips!

Every Month

While you should clean basic messes and dust every day, there are a few tips that should be taken care of around once a month to keep your new construction in good shape. This includes deep cleaning any areas that come in contact with perishables or lots of dirt and grime, such as kitchen additions, bathrooms, or mudrooms. For example, if you added a kitchen to your property, making sure to clean out the garbage disposal or range hood filter is essential to keeping the new construction safe and clean every month. If your new construction project included an in-ground pool, you might want to keep an eye on it weekly during the on-season, including chlorination and filtering. In the off-season, make sure to periodically check your pool for freezing or debris every so often. 

Every Three Months

Every quarter of a year, these tasks should take priority. Cleaning HVAC and air conditioning filters from your new construction are a great way to protect the longevity of the filter and system itself while also preventing mass dust buildup. Dust can actually age your property more than you’d realize. It’s also an ideal time to test any smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors, key parts of keeping everyone inside safe. 

Every Six Months

Twice a year, it’s important to give your home new construction a thorough deep cleaning. This means making a goal for yourself to make your new construction as spotless as it was when it was first completed. Performing a bi-annual deep cleaning can also aid in identifying any problem areas such as cracks in walls or floors, leaks, or other structural damages early to prevent those problems from getting any worse. 

Annual New Construction Maintenance

Once a year, more season-appropriate maintenance tasks should be performed. For example, clearing the gutters on the new home construction should be emphasized after the spring and summer storm seasons. After heavy snowfall or icy weather, it’s a good idea to check the plumbing for any burst pipes. 

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