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Do I Have Mold Buildup Under My Carpet?

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If you clean your carpets often and there’s still a funky smell, it might be due to mold buildup!

We all know that inside the home, accidents are bound to happen, especially to the carpet. The word accident can cover a lot of things– something as small as spilling a glass of water or juice, a pet accident,  or even a huge flooding disaster. Unfortunately, all of these occurrences can lead to an unwelcome guest underneath the carpet– mold buildup. Mold buildup is not only disgusting to look at physically, but it actually can be very harmful to human and pet health. Luckily, there are many warning signs you might have mold lurking beneath your carpeting. Here are some telltale signs of mold buildup underneath your carpet. 

Strange Odors

Homes are filled with all sorts of smells, some even unpleasant. We all know that around the trash can, kitchen sink after a meal, and the restroom can all naturally create unpleasant odors. But what if an entire room starts to smell? This is a sign that there may be mold buildup underneath the carpet. Mold usually has a musty odor that is similar to mildew. Rule of thumb– if your carpeted room is starting to smell more like an unfinished basement, you might want to start checking for mold buildup under the floors

Age of the Carpeting

Unfortunately, carpeting is just as much of a victim to the damage of time as much as anything else. Years of spills, pet accidents, and other moisture and water damage can really start to add up. The older the carpet job is, the more likely mold buildup will occur. It’s a wise idea to have your carpet replaced every decade or so to prevent this problem, but if you haven’t the damage is likely already done. 

Damp or Humid Areas

Have you ever had a pesky leak in your roof or wall? Although you may have patched it up the best you could, the underlying damage below the carpet may still linger behind. This is because places that previously suffered from leaks are much more susceptible to mold buildup and growth. This also applies to carpeted areas that are exposed to humid climates or frequent moisture, such as carpets that border a door outside or around windows that are left open. 

Allergic Reactions to Mold Buildup

Mold buildup can actually cause a lot of health problems, and it usually starts with allergy-like symptoms. If it’s the middle of winter and people in your household start to exhibit allergy symptoms like nausea, headaches, stuffy noses, and even asthmatic symptoms out of the blue, it’s time to get your carpeting checked for mold buildup. 

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