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How Mold Removal Saves Your Health and Home

How Mold Removal Saves Your Health and Home

Protect your family’s health and home with expert mold removal service. Find out more about mold’s impact here.

We’ve always known mold is bad news. It’s important to call for emergency mold removal and remediation services as soon as you notice mold to get the situation under control. To further emphasize how serious this threat can be, let’s explore the effects of household mold on human health and the damage it causes to our homes. Afterward, you’ll better understand how mold removal services save your health and home.

What is Mold?

We refer to mold as many types of fungi. Generally, mold appears as patches of smelly and fuzzy growths. These can be black, brown, pink, and green. If you can’t see mold, you can often smell it. It leaves a musty and mildewy odor, so look for mold in places you expect there to be moisture. 

Mold proliferates in damp environments. Mold spores spread and invade the dark wet spaces in your home. Moist conditions could also harbor bacteria, dust mites, and other harmful chemicals and gasses as a result of the break down from organic matter. These cause adverse effects to human health too.

If growth appears, and it looks and smells out of place, you should assume you encountered a mold problem. Probable areas of moldy growths may be unfinished basements or leaky roofs and pipes. It’s best to get a professional to inspect your surroundings for mold as they know it can grow indoors and outdoors. They’ll be sure to check in tricky spots like underneath carpet or behind drywall. Furthermore, they can be sure to complete the mold removal process thoroughly to discourage returned growth.

Effects on Human Health

Exposure to mold and mold spores is harmful to human health and lowers our overall quality of life. Some are more sensitive to mold and can develop allergies or skin irritation. In general, mold causes humans to have nasal stuffiness, coughing, wheezing, and eye irritation. Spores that get inhaled into our bodies can cause respiratory problems or lung disease. This exposure can be especially dangerous to people with compromised immune systems or people living with asthma. Prolonged mold exposure causes nausea, vomiting, and pulmonary hemorrhaging — or bleeding in the lungs.

Effects on Our Homes

As mold grows, it damages whatever it scaffolds on. Mold can weaken the structural integrity if it builds on the floorboards, on the walls, or any support beams. Mold spores are nearly everywhere in a home but are dormant unless under prolonged exposure in a damp environment. Mold growth can indicate if you have excessive moisture or water damage issues in your home that is triggering the growth.

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