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Why You Need a Pack-Out Service After a Home Disaster

Here are a few reasons why a pack-out service is a must-have for any homeowner facing the aftermath of a disaster.

A pack-out service’s existence is to help clean and restore precious family items damaged in a home disaster.

Depending on the severity, some home disasters may require the use of a pack-out service. A home or piece of property ravished by severe mold, water, or fire damage may still have a few salvageable pieces. Taking an accurate inventory of what was lost in a disaster is a very important step for financial recovery through insurance. However, it is not recommended for a regular, unprepared resident to handle the recovery of these items for several safety reasons. A pack-out service is designed to prevent residents from ever needing to put themselves at risk. Here are a few reasons why a pack-out service is a must-have for any homeowner facing the aftermath of a disaster. 

It’s Unsafe to do Alone

Some severe health problems can result from improperly dealing with water or fire damage. Water-damaged items can very quickly grow toxic black mold or mildew that can cause a plethora of illnesses. Fire-damaged items often are covered in thick soot and ash particles, which can cause a lot of respiratory issues. A pack-out service has trained employees that know exactly how to behave around these potential particulates. They know how to expertly care for your items while also keeping themselves safe, so you don’t have to add any extra stress. 

Pack-Out Service and Restoration

A lot of times, a pack-out service will do some repairs to your items for you. If an item is deemed salvageable, it can be thoroughly cleaned and fixed before returning to you. Items like furniture, artwork, kitchen supplies, and other items that the disaster avoided can be reconstructed by a pack-out service. The process may take time to complete, but there is no better feeling of relief than that family heirloom returned to you, possibly in better shape than it was before the disaster. 

Everything is Secure

A pack-out service stores your salvageable property in a weatherproofed warehouse with high security, preparing to be cleaned and restored. This way, you don’t have to worry about any other potential disasters happening to your items again, as these warehouses are built to last against emergencies. Once everything has been properly cleaned up and restored, it will be shipped out to the homeowner or come to pick it up themselves. 

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