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Outdoor Grilling and Home Fire Safety

Outdoor Grilling and Home Fire Safety

As the weather continues to turn warm for spring and summer, the grills across Maryland are heating up too! The following are some home fire safety tips to keep your next grilling occasion safe.

The holiday season has its fair share of fire hazards, but we all know accident home fires can happen during any time of the year. As the weather continues to turn warm for spring and summer, the grills across Maryland are heating up too! Barbecues and cookouts are fun occasions. But, the event can quickly turn to tragedy if home fire safety precautions aren’t followed. The following are some home fire safety tips to keep your next grilling get-together safe.

Keep the Cooking Area Clear

Safely placing the grill in an appropriate outdoor area will help to prevent accidental house fires. Grills of all sorts should be kept at least 10 feet away from the house and house attachments. Don’t use the grill under overhangs, awnings, and tree branches. When hosting barbecues, keep everyone clear of the cooking space as well, and be especially vigilant for playing children or pets.

Do Not Ignite Gas Grills with Closed Lids

Turning on the gas of your grill with the lid closed will trap the propane fuel inside. When you do ignite it and open the cover, you run the risk of creating a fireball explosion. Always light gas grills with the lid open for this reason. Similarly, if the flame goes out on your gas grill while cooking, wait a few minutes for any surrounding gas to dissipate before trying to reignite the grill.

Keep the Grill Clean

Grease, food debris, and dust can add fuel to the fire. Keeping a clean grill means taking care of your outdoor cooker for longer, making better-tasting food, and risking fewer flame flare-ups. As part of your grill maintenance, check for any gas leaks regularly and before you ignite the flames every time you cook.

Have a Fire Extinguisher Handy

Don’t start a fire you aren’t prepared to put out. A fire extinguisher will reign in a flare-up or unwieldy flames before the situation gets out of hand. Have baking soda on hand to help with fighting a grease fire. Never use water. Remember, it’s better to put out a fire and prevent potential fire damage than to try to save your food.

Don’t Leave the Flames Unattended!

Never leaving a flame or heat source unattended is a cardinal rule in home fire safety. This means someone should always be vigilant of the grill while it’s on, as you never know when the fire can flare up and get out of control. Also, when all the cooking is done, be sure you have properly extinguished the flames before digging into your delicious burgers and hotdogs.

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