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Pack Out Service Mishaps and Solutions

Pack Out Mishaps and Solutions

Protect and restore your belongings properly after a disaster. Call Smith & Son’s for pack out service.

When it comes to reliable pack out service following a disaster or other weather-related damage, it’s important to treat items with the utmost care. After all, damaging an item during restoration, transport, or storage can cause issues with insurance claims and serve to worsen the damage from a natural disaster, fire, or other damaging events. If items are correctly identified, inspected, and tested following a disaster, restoration can be much more cost-effective than replacing the items. Following these steps make a careful pack out service key to saving furniture, essential items, and more from further damage. There are some common challenges to a pack out service that can make this difficult. Here are some common pack out mishaps and solutions.

Broken Items

A common problem with recovered items from a disaster is breakage during transportation or storage due to accidents during transport or improper packing methods. For example, if heavy ceramics are packaged on top of more delicate porcelain plates, this can result in broken dishware. Developing and implementing effective packing procedures are critical for post-disaster contracting professionals. To keep clients’ possessions safe during unfortunate circumstances, they should be packed as safely and efficiently as possible.

Warping Wood Furniture

Poor packing can also result in damaged items. Wooden furniture, for example, will warp over time when exposed to moisture. Wrapping wood in plastic packaging can trap moisture inside, resulting in warped wooden furniture and imprints where the plastic has been in contact with the wooden surface. For long-term packing, using a moisture barrier against the wood is crucial to keep the finish from softening and prevent damage to the furniture. Quilted fabric and paper pads can be secured around furniture with stretch wrap to prevent damage. This is especially helpful in humid environments or places where the temperature will fluctuate greatly.

Lost Items

Unfortunately, items can be misplaced or delivered to the wrong location through the restoration process. This is usually due to a lack of an inventory or tracking system that allows restoration professionals to keep careful and accurate track of each item they pack, transport, and store. Implementing a consistent inventory system can help professionals avoid this sort of mishap. Inventory forms are crucial for these systems since handwritten inventory systems can leave a lot up to individual attention to detail. Standardized inventory systems allow for efficient record-keeping and accurate inventory at all times.

Restoration Services from Smith & Son’s Contracting

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