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Pointers When Planning for a Home Addition

Pointers When Planning for a Home Addition

Whether it’s finishing a basement, adding a sunroom, or building a deck, adding space or amenities to your home can pay dividends for years to come.

Most home contractors and homeowners would agree taking on a home addition project is complicated and time-consuming. In fact, any major home remodeling project such as add-ons will require a great deal of preparation, money, and time. Whether it’s finishing a basement, adding a sunroom, or building a deck, adding space or amenities to your home can pay dividends for years to come. Let’s examine some things to keep in mind and how to prepare for a home addition.

Be Aware of the Current Floor Plan

First things first, when planning a home addition, it’s always a good idea to get an understanding of the total space you have to work with. This means reading over the current floor plan for your house as well as knowing the property lines for your lot. If you intend to build an exterior or home add-on, it’s imperative to make sure you don’t start building on another person’s property even by small amounts. 

Furthermore, hiring an architect or building designer to review any proposed changes to your floor plan might be helpful to avoid novice mistakes. Getting an expert’s opinion on the matter can help you think about how the changes will make your house look architecturally. By asking a professional, they can also determine if your desired project is feasible, or if there are better alternatives for achieving your home addition.

Budget, Budget, Budget

The main question on many homeowner’s minds during a home addition project will be the cost. In order for the answer to this question to not catch homeowners off guard, it’s crucial to budget out all the planned, foreseeable expenses. But remember, your budgets should have a buffer or a proposed mini-budget for all things unplanned. Things like the architect’s fee or building and labor permits are things homeowners might not realize they need to pay at first. 

In addition, it’s essential to mark up or down your budget based on where you live and what exactly the home addition entails. Are there a lot of bells and whistles? Do you live in an expensive county? Questions like these can definitely alter your budgeted expenses. This reinforces why it’s imperative to leave room for cushion in your budget to buffer yourself should any unexpected costs arise. Do some research on how much similar projects cost and gather a few quotes from home improvement contractors to figure out what is a reasonable and realistic budget for your home addition.

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