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Popular Home Addition Layouts to Think About

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Bay windows are a great example of a simple, lower cost home addition you can undertake!

Some people are totally satisfied with the current layout of their homes. But many are looking to add something more. That’s where the possibility of installing a home addition comes in. It might be for an expanding family, a layout adjustment, or even just for a change of scenery. The end goal of each is to enlarge the home. But there are so many different types of home additions to consider, all in totally different price ranges! So, where does one start when looking into a home addition? Try reading this blog with a few popular choices!

Bump Out Home Addition

A bump-out is one of the most popular forms of home additions because of its simplicity and low price point. A bump-out is simply adding a small space to a pre-existing room, usually on the ground floor. Bump-outs can range in size, from simply adding a bay window-like fixture to adding a few feet to space. For example, one of the most popular forms of bump-outs is converting a half bathroom to a full bathroom. Many people choose this cost-effective home addition because it is relatively simple and does not require anywhere near as much construction effort as a full-scale addition. Plus, when performing a remodel or home improvement project, a bump out is fairly easy to do at the same time. However, even a small bump-out home addition is required to abide by all local rules and permit regulations the same as any other addition.

Multi-Room Build Out

A build-out is adding an entirely new room to the house on the ground floor. The room can be big or small. There are several reasons to want to add an additional room. Some people want something practical, like an additional bathroom or a garage to store their car. It can also include a mudroom to prevent as much weather damage to the home as possible. Regardless of intention, a build-out is generally more expensive than a bump out and is more time-consuming. However, it is generally very satisfying to homeowners for many years to come as opposed to a remodel

Build Up Home Addition

The last home addition commonly seen in homes is a build-up. This means installing extra rooms on the upper floors of the home. It can also include converting a one-story home to a two-story home if regulations allow. This is a popular choice for people who have bedrooms upstairs who may want a few more or for people converting an abandoned attic structure to liveable housing who may need a bathroom upstairs. 

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