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What Are Post Disaster Board Up Services?

Post-disaster board up services from Smith & Sons will protect the remaining structure of your home after disaster strikes.

Post-disaster board up services from Smith & Sons will protect the remaining structure of your home after disaster strikes.

Mother nature is an inevitable force that we all must deal with from time to time. Heavy storms come and go, and depending on where we’ve made a life for ourselves, we must be prepared to handle the aftermath of big weather events. Our homes are not just financial investments, but they are often the places where all our cherished memories and possessions are kept. When storms do happen, it’s our jobs to keep that part of ourselves as secure as possible. One way to make this happen is with the post-disaster board up services.

Board Up Services  

If you’ve ever watched news coverage of an impending storm, either locally or nationally, then you’re already probably familiar with what board up services look like. When you see homeowners or business owners standing in front of their buildings with large brown boards covering the windows and doors, that’s exactly what you see. Post-disaster board up services are put in place after a storm has passed to protect your damaged property from further chaos. A professional team will come to your property to assess the damage that has occurred and what needs to be secured before boarding up your property for the protection of your investments and safety of your family.  

What They Protect

Post-disaster board up services protect the remaining structure of your home or business after a storm or fire. Shattered windows, broken doors, and other compromised entryways leave your space vulnerable to burglary, animals, and environmental damage. The boards themselves are made of plywood and are affixed to these areas to prevent more extensive damage from wreaking havoc on your home or business.  

Added Benefits

In addition to the general protection and security that post-disaster board up services provide, keep in mind that taking this measure will also save you money. Board up services help keep the damage inflicted on your property from a storm or fire from becoming more extensive. They also assist with any insurance claims you need to file.  

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