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Why Are Post Disaster Emergency Board-Up Services Necessary?

Learn why post disaster emergency board-up services are so important.

Learn why post-disaster emergency board-up services are so important.

After a natural disaster strikes, many people think of cleaning up their yard from fallen tree branches or removing flooded water in the basement. However, there is another crucial step to take if a natural disaster or another emergency results in broken windows or holes in the roof- post emergency board-up services. If any part of your home is exposed to the outside elements, your first act should be to board-up your home to prevent further damage.

Protection From Elements

If a window is broken or the roof is damaged, you are putting your home at a higher risk for further damages. The weather is unpredictable, so even when you think a storm has passed or the natural disaster is over, your home is still exposed to rain, wind, and snow. These elements only cause more damage to the interior of your home and can lead to a number of problems. For example, excess water can quickly ruin floors and electronics, as well as lead to mold growth in just a few days.

Keep Animals Out

From a broken door to the smallest window crack, wild animals and critters can easily enter your home. By leaving your home exposed even for one night, you may wake up to unwanted pests such as raccoons, rats, birds, and more in your home. Protect your home as much as possible with emergency board-up services to keep pests outside where they belong.

Stop Vandalization

Unfortunately, it is common for vandals and criminals to take advantage of homes affected by a natural disaster. When you leave your home open and unoccupied after a disaster, there is a risk of vandals breaking in and destroying the building further. There is so much potential danger in leaving your home exposed, as vandals may use spray paint on your walls or steal expensive items. Make sure your home is protected even when it is unoccupied with emergency board-up services to keep everything inside safe and secure.

Post-Disaster Board Up Services & Restoration from Smith & Son’s Contracting

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